Greetings from our family to yours!

Welcome to Grandpa’s Best, the solution for quality hay for small pets. Growing is our passion and fresh quality hay is our legacy.

A full product line of hay varieties is brought to you by our multi-generational farming family nestled in the beautiful heartland of the United States.

Grandpa’s Best was formed as we recognized the need for top quality hay was not limited to the dairy and equine world, but rather small pet owners also sought and deserved this type of nutrition and reliability for their animals. Understanding the struggle of small pet owners to acquire dependable, excellent product, it became our mission to be your solution: a source for superior and affordable hay products for small pets.

In addition to growing a variety of hays and other crops we, as a family, have long been stewards of a 100% Organic Grassland, where waves of lush prairie grasses have flourished, ungrazed, and untouched for generations. The diversity of grasses and unique quality of nutrition in this one-of-a-kind hay, makes it an ideal daily feed for small herbivores. Grandpa’s Best is the only company to offer 100% Organic Prairie Hay for small pets along with a complete lineup of family farmed Timothy Hay, Orchard Grass Hay and Alfalfa Hay. All products are available in various package sizes, including our super-efficient mini bale, a tiny, compact bale which provides an amazing amount of bulk product while keeping it fresh until use. Whatever a pet’s preference or nutritional needs, we are the answer when it comes to hay. Always excited to hear from you and learn what you and your pet are looking for. We are your team.

When you choose Grandpa’s Best, you are choosing an experienced hay company, a team of passionate individuals whose daily focus is the production of high quality product. You choose a caring group of folks with animal science backgrounds, committed to your pet’s welfare and nutrition. You receive a product which is fresh, hand packaged and shipped quickly from our farm. Most of all, by choosing Grandpa’s Best, you join our family...a family close to the earth, wholeheartedly committed to nothing but making sure you and your pet are satisfied. Welcome to our family. Enjoy your hay!

Chase and Celine Larson

4th Generation Hay Growers


Thanks so much for visiting our online store. Our team is excited to add the mini bale to our product line. These mini bales are specifically designed for discerning small pet breeders and pet owners that need to save space in their home. Remember that the mini bale is highly compressed, especially the 10 lb product. As you can see from the video above, the mini bale feeding process requires a couple additional steps but doesn't take long and is simple to do.  All you need to do is follow the 3 F's: Flake, Fluff, and Feed. Check out the video for more detail.

Meet our Team

Each member of our team at Grandpa's Best plays a crucial role in ensuring our products meet the highest standards. We work together to continually strive for the most natural and wholesome experience possible for your pets.

Chase Larson

Celine Larson
Research and Development

Adam Robertson
Hay Manager
Mike Kasl
Production Manager
4th generation hay farmer, developed Grandpa’s Best with the intention to use his hay experience to bring a new level of quality and reliability to the small animal feed market. Chase has developed a trustworthy team of like-minded, innovative members who share his dedication to product quality. Owner and developer, Chase is the one to talk to if you’d like to carry Grandpa’s Best products in your pet store. With a degree in Animal Science, and a past as a 4-H leader, Celine enjoys connecting with pet owners to discuss their hay needs. She works to bring the family story to the marketplace and connect with our loyal friends in the small pet world. Celine and Chase represent the next generation of the family farm along with their four daughters who love rabbits!Champion of all hay production for family farming operation. He knows hay: how to grow it, rake it, bale it, stack it, and ultimately bring it safely to your pets so they can eat it. Adam is a core part of the family farming organization and the brains behind much of Grandpa’s Best success. He is happy to answer any hay specific questions.Mike took the Grandpa’s Best vision for amazing package and mini bale technology and made it a reality with his fabrication expertise. We are the only company with the efficient mini bale, thanks to Mike. He ensures the pet hay is safely, freshly packaged at our farm location and ready to be shipped to you. Mike can answer any questions regarding Grandpa’s Best products and is passionate to bring you only the best quality products.